Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation

Solar photovoltaic power generation (solar PV) harnesses the energy of the sunlight that shines down on us to generate electric power.
RENOVA develops and operates solar PV power plants in Japan, in locations all around the country.
RENOVA supervises the entire process of creating power plants, from development to construction and maintenance, and ensure safe and stable plant operation.

  • Features of Solar PV

    Solar PV generates power entirely from solar energy. It is a clean form of energy which emits no waste, no effluent, no noise and no vibrations.
    Large amounts of power are generated during the daytime, when power usage is high. However, the amount of power generated is lower on days with less sunshine, and power cannot be generated at night.

  • Mechanism of Solar PV

    Solar PV uses solar cells to generate power. Although the word “cell” is used, solar cells do not store electric power like other cells. They are devices that convert light energy from the sun into electricity.
    A solar cell is comprised of two types of semiconductors with different properties. One is called an N-type semiconductor, and the other is called a P-type semiconductor.
    When light shines on a solar cell, positively and negatively charged particles move around inside the cell, and this flow of particles generates electricity. A solar panel is made by combining many solar cells.