Our Business

  • RENOVA’s Business

    Many countries around the world are expanding their introduction of renewable energy, with ambitious national targets to promote decarbonization.
    RENOVA aims to contribute to solving social issues on a global scale to the maximum extent possible through a range of renewable energy power generation and operation businesses.
    In response to growing demand from consumers, we are also engaged in flexible development efforts that include a non-FIT format, in addition to the existing FIT (Feed-in Tariff) supply format.
    We are also developing new green businesses that contribute to decarbonization, aiming to achieve sustainable growth.

  • Business Development in Partnership with Local Communities

    For RENOVA, the renewable energy business means more than just building power plants.
    Once completed, a power plant will continue to generate electric power in its local area for at least several decades.
    For this reason, in our business activities, we place great importance not only on natural conditions such as topography and climate, but also on how we can contribute to and coexist with the local community and industry.
    We recognize that successful business development lies in always creating optimal ways of working together, such as contributing to local industries and giving care and consideration to the local natural environment and culture, while communicating with local community residents, including business partners and local government.

  • Multiple Energy Source Initiatives and Green business

    RENOVA develops and operates multiple renewable energy power sources (“multiple energy sources”), including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydro.
    In addition to the viewpoint of fully utilizing existing energy resources in each region, it is possible to provide more stable power supply and business operations by possessing a range of power sources with both fluctuating power output (such as solar and wind power) and stable power output (such as biomass, geothermal and hydro power).
    We are also promoting new businesses such as storage batteries that contribute to the expansion of these renewable energy power sources, green hydrogen and ammonia and biomass-derived fuels that contribute to the decarbonization of a wide range of industries other than electric power.

  • Overseas Business Initiatives

    Decarbonization is a global issue, and it is particularly important to address it in countries and regions where economic growth is remarkable.
    RENOVA has established bases in Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and is developing projects while keeping a close eye on the characteristics of renewable energy resources and the time frame for market growth in each country.
    Our employees in Japan, who have expertise and experience in the development and operation of renewable energy power plants, and employees at each site, who are familiar with the legal systems, business customs, culture, and other aspects of the development region, work together to promote the business in cooperation with local companies.