Application Guidelines

New graduate recruitment
We assign each employee in consideration of their wishes. More information about the selection timing and method is available here.
Mid-career recruitment
For information on positions that are open at present, please go to the application page.
Place of work
Head office (connected directly to Kyobashi Station; Tokyo)

*Other potential places of work include Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, and power plants.

New graduate recruits
Monthly wage of 370,000 yen or more

*Includes service allowance (equivalent to an allowance for 40 hours of overtime)

Mid-career recruits
To be determined in accordance with our regulations in consideration of experience, skills and other factors
Pay increase
Twice a year (June and December)
Twice a year (June and December)
Service hours
Standard working hours: 9:00 to 18:00 (including 1 hour break)

*Full-flexible system applies (8 hours of actual work between 5:00 and 22:00)

*There are some exceptions (for example, jobs and divisions with prescribed working hours or shift work)

Holidays and leaves of absence
Five-day work week (125 holidays per year)

*Annual paid leave, congratulatory or condolence leave, refreshment leave, sick and injury leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, paternity leave, nursing care leave, etc.

Additional allowances (overtime allowance, late night work allowance, and holiday allowance), commuting allowance, etc.
Welfare benefits
Defined contribution pension, contributions to the shareholding association, congratulation or condolence payments, teleworking program, shorter working hours for childcare or nursing care, lunch subsidy, English conversation lunch program, etc.
Unemployment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance, health insurance, and employees’ pension insurance

Selection timing and method (new graduate recruitment)

RENOVA conducts flexible recruitment activities to accommodate student circumstances.

  • (1) Summer internship selectionFor those wanting to use an early internship as a starting point for staying in close communication with employees

    Fiscal year before graduation  
    Fiscal year before graduation
    April - July Acceptance and shortlisting of applications
    July - October Summer internship (1 week)
    From October Interviews (approximately 3) and early unofficial offer of place after employee interviews
  • (2) Autumn/winter selectionUsual selection process

    Fiscal year before graduation  
    Fiscal year before graduation
    October - February Recruitment events and shortlisting of applications
    From January to spring Interviews (approximately 3) and early unofficial offer of place
  • (3) All-year-round internship selectionFor those who would like to try working at RENOVA through a longer internship (mainly for overseas business division candidates)

    Fiscal year before graduation  
    Fiscal year before graduation
    From July Acceptance and shortlisting of applications
    September - November Internship (4-6 weeks)
    From November Interviews (approximately 3) and early unofficial offer of place

    *The above is an illustrative example, and applications can be submitted at any time. If you are interested, please inquire here.(Written in Japanese)

  • (4) Individual selectionFor those wishing to concentrate on their studies until they are about to graduate

    Fiscal year before graduation  
    Fiscal year before graduation
    From summer Early unofficial offer after interviews, etc. according to the situation

Learn about unique new graduate employees who joined RENOVA in various other ways.

  • Employee A

    Began searching for a job while enrolled in a graduate program overseas and decided to join RENOVA around April time. Finished graduate school in September and, after returning to Japan, took part in an internship for prospective employees from base prior to study abroad (outside Kanto Region) and officially joined RENOVA in January after moving to Tokyo.

  • Employee B

    Was studying for a PhD (Energy Science) at graduate school but was looking for other jobs, wanting to start a career outside academia in the green business sector as soon as possible. While searching for a company to join after withdrawing from the PhD program, Employee B came across RENOVA, decided to join at the end of September and began working for RENOVA the following April.

  • Employee C

    Was committed to a long internship during the first three years of college and was aiming to search for a job overseas, and so when Employee C started looking for a job in Japan, most large corporations were no longer accepting applications. Employee C then came across RENOVA, went through a round of interviews, decided to join in July of graduation year, and began working for RENOVA the following April.