Website Use Precautions

Please read these precautious concerning the use of the website operated by RENOVA, Inc..
  1. Assumption of agreement to terms upon access

    RENOVA assumes that everyone who accesses this website understand the website use precautions and agree with these precautions. If it no longer becomes possible to agree with these precautions while using this website, please leave this website immediately. Note that parts of the website use precautions may be revised or deleted without prior notice. In this event, everyone who accesses this website will be assumed to have agreed to these changes. All items in these precautions are provided within the context of the laws of Japan.
  2. Copyrights

    All contents (including but not limited to service symbols and other trademarks, logos, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, text, reports and press releases) of this website, except logos of other companies, some images and certain other items, are in principle the property of RENOVA. This content is protected by Japanese copyright laws and other laws and regulations concerning intellectual property. In addition, The use of this content (such as copying, selling, transmitting, posting, printing or uploading) is prohibited without the prior written permission of RENOVA or the third-party holding the rights to the corresponding content.
  3. Prohibited activities

    Visitors to this website are prohibited from using this website for the following purposes.
    • For business activities other than those of the RENOVA Group
    • For the third-party distribution and use of this website’s ID and password data
  4. Disclaimer

    Information is posted on this website with the understanding that the information is not provided for the purpose of facilitating business studies, advice or proposals. Extreme care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, RENOVA assumes no responsibility whatsoever and makes no guarantee regarding any errors or interpretation issues concerning information and documents in this website and in websites linked to the RENOVA website. Extensive measures are used to prevent this website from transferring a virus or other malicious software to the computers of website visitors. In the unlikely event that a virus or other malicious software reaches the computer of a website visitor through this website, RENOVA provides no guarantees concerning primary or secondary losses involving the partial or complete loss of computer systems, data or software or involving the inability to use a computer or any other problem.
  5. Website maintenance and service interruptions

    All or part of this website may be temporarily shut down for hardware or software maintenance or a malfunction. Furthermore, RENOVA reserves the right to restrict, temporarily suspend or permanently terminate this website or all or part of the services provided by this website without prior notice.
  6. Cost of accessing this website

    Users of this website are responsible for the cost of the communication service (such as the fee paid to a telephone company or Internet service provider) and the cost of the required hardware (computer, modem and other items).
  7. System and software recommendations

    RENOVA makes the following recommendations concerning the use of this website.
    • latest version of Internet Explore or latest version of Microsoft Edge or latest version of Chrome or latest version of Firefox or latest version of Safari
    • iOS12 or later version with latest version of Safari
    • Android 7 or later version with latest version of Chrome