Kikugawa Horinouchiya Solar

Features of the Plant

Supplying electric power meeting demand of 2,700 general households
The plant has a vast area that is 1.9 times that of Tokyo Dome. Its capacity is 7,536 kW, and the annual capacity is 9.27 million kWh of electric power, equivalent to the power consumption of 2,700 general households.
Capacity 7,536kW
Estimated annual power production(kWh) 9.27 million kWh per year
(equivalent to the power consumption of around 2,700 general households)
Site area Approx. 89,000m²
Operation commencement February 2015
Operator Kikugawa-Horinouchiya Solar Co., Ltd.
For inquiries contact: Kikugawa-Horinouchiya Solar Co., Ltd.