Karumai East Solar

Features of the plant

Generates enough electric power to supply 26,100 general households
Karumai East Solar Power Plant covers a vast area around 65 times the size of Tokyo Dome baseball stadium. Its output capacity is approximately 80.8 MW, and it is capable of generating 87.0 million kWh of electrical power a year, equivalent to the power consumption of 26,100 general households.
Mega solar power plant making effective use of its natural surroundings
Karumai East Solar Power Plant was designed to make effective use of the natural environment. The plant's solar panels are installed to make maximum effective use of the upland terrain, following gentle curves as they trace the contours of the landscape. Care was also taken to leave as much of the original woodland intact as possible. In addition to typical silicon-type solar panels, the plant also makes use of compound-type solar panels, which are relatively effective in the shade, to enable efficient power generation even in parts of the site that receive different intensities of solar radiation.
Measures against natural disasters harnessing the power of nature
In order to suppress the speed of flowing rainwater and prevent the occurrence of landslides and other such hazards, the soil underneath the solar panels is covered with greenery. Forest conservation fences made using lumber from felled trees have also been installed, and the power of nature is being used in various other ways to counter the risk of natural disasters. The vast site also has 17 retention basins designed to reduce the amount of rainwater flowing across the site. These retention basins temporarily store rainwater in the event of intensive heavy rainfall and other such cases, enabling the plant to limit the volume of water flowing out into downstream areas.
Cooperation with the local community
Karumai East Solar Power Plant has also installed an observation facility named "Millet Park Solar House" at the Millet Park tourist park on the Mt. Oritsume mountainside. In addition to enabling visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the power plant as it blends into the beautiful natural surroundings of Karumai during any season, it is also used as a local tourism spot and as a hub for environmental education activities.
Capacity 80.8MW
Estimated annual power production(kWh) approx. 87.0 million kWh per year(equivalent to the power consumption of around 26,100 general households)
Site area Approx. 3,040,000m²
Operation commencement December 2019
Operator Karumai East Solar G.K.
(RENOVA and joint business operators invest in silent partnership)
For inquiries contact: Karumai East Solar G.K.