Views and basic policy on sustainability

The Company's Board of Directors has formulated the following views and basic policy on sustainability.

Relationship between the corporate mission and sustainability

  • The Company's corporate mission is "To create green and sustainable energy systems for a better world." Based on this mission, the Company develops and operates multiple energy sources (solar, biomass, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric power) across Asia as a company specializing in renewable energy to realize a sustainable society.

  • In addition, the Company has a vision "To become Asia's renewable energy leader." To achieve this vision, it is important not only to promote the adoption of green energy but also to increase sustainability of the business as whole from various perspectives including creating new value through coexistence with local communities and business in the process of business development and building new supply chains. We believe that through these activities, we will be able to become such a leading company.

  • The Company is committed to working with stakeholders to create a future in 100 years from now that is free of energy concerns.

Basic policy on sustainability

  • The Company will contribute to improving the sustainability of society through implementation of its mission.

  • The Company will pursue every single corporate activity in a sustainable way. Especially for the Company, which aims to operate business with an emphasis on "safety and security" and "mutual prosperity" in the long term, collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders is essential for the establishment and development of business.

  • The Company has set out commitments for each of its key stakeholders: "Earth," "Communities," "Customers," "Shareholders," and "Employees."

    Corporate Philosophy

    Our Mission
    To create green and sustainable energy systems for a better world
    Our Vision
    To become Asia's renewable energy leader
    Our Commitments
    The Earth
    To contribute towards a sustainable society and planet
    To create value in partnership with local communities, and respect their heritage and cultures
    To generate clean and efficient energy for our customers
    To generate sustained growth in shareholder value
    To gather the best people, and provide exciting career and growth opportunities for our employees
  • In the renewable energy business, the Company attaches most importance to the "Earth" and "Communities" among the above stakeholders based on the idea of "getting communities to use the natural energy with which they are blessed." For the earth and communities, the Company will develop power generation business which will be even more sustainable in the long term and will also place importance on the Company's own sustainability.