HSE (health, safety, environment) Policy

For our company, HSE (health, safety, environment) activity is mandatory for the continuation and development of our business. Therefore, in order to determine the direction of our HSE activities, the following policy has been prepared.
Based on the following policy, our company will strive to foster a corporate culture that ensures safety and health, and addresses environmental issues in Japan and overseas countries.


Based on the corporate philosophy, RENOVA establishes the following policy in order to carry out business operations safely and continuously and contribute to society.
  • To aim at creating a safe, encouraging working environment through the combined efforts of all employees.

  • To give a red flag warning and take actions by making safety our utmost priority in an event where our colleagues are at risk, regardless of age or position.

  • To provide education and training in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to occupational H&S and to maintain and develop H&S workplaces and management systems.

  • To lead efforts to address environmental issues on a global scale and for local communities by recognizing environmental measures as a pressing issue toward thecreation of green and sustainable energy systems.

1st Apr 2022
Representative Director
President & CEO
Yosuke Kiminami
Yosuke Kiminami