Commitment to quality

Deputy General Manager of Biomass Division
Koichi Furuta
Graduated from a department of commerce, faculty of commerce, and joined RENOVA in 2006
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  • #Department of Commerce, Faculty of Commerce
  • #Head of Corporate Administration
※He has been transferred to the Biomass Division since FY2023. Please read this content for a better understanding of the Corporate Division.

Question 01 / 06 What is your current job?

As the Head of Corporate Administration, I now oversee the Public Relations, General Affairs, Legal, IT, and Executive Assistants departments. I am building the foundation for the sustainable growth of RENOVA together with approx. 20 other team members.

In the last several years, RENOVA found and developed many new projects in different regions. We have also strengthened our measures for overseas expansion. As we implement larger, more difficult projects, the number of related risks and people have been increasing. As a result, we have a pile of things that we should do and want to do at Corporate Administration. Moreover, the number of employees participating in projects is increasing because RENOVA forms organizations flexibly according to need. Despite these rapid changes, all employees can work quickly and participate actively and comfortably, taking advantage of their own unique strengths. This is RENOVA’s corporate culture that I would like to maintain.

To make Corporate Administration itself a strong organization for the growth of the company, I focus my efforts on leading and supporting team members in the formulation of policies and consensus building, proactively encouraging them to voluntarily make suggestions, and on acquiring new team members who I think are better than myself.

I also regard internal branding as an important duty.

At RENOVA, professionals from diverse backgrounds have successively succeeded in incredibly difficult projects, not as a band of mercenaries but as an integrated team that shares a corporate philosophy. Corporate messages from senior management to employees are especially important as the number of employees increases. As an employee with relatively many years of service, I would like to relay these messages to enable the overall organization to work more smoothly.

Question 02 / 06 What do you value?

What I value in work is to aim for the best all the time. Since I joined the company as a new graduate, I have experienced many front-line operations, including environmental consulting for companies, public offices, and other entities, PMI and management operations for a subsidiary we have acquired, the transfer of existing business in a business domain change, an IPO on TSE Mothers, the change of the market listing to the First Section of the TSE, and an office relocation project. Working with frequent business environment changes and without single, absolute right answers, I have been trying to pursue the best path in light of the purpose of our business, without believing or deciding prematurely that anything is sufficient.

Question 03 / 06 What are the good points of RENOVA?

I think that a good point of RENOVA is that both members of the management team and employees have an attitude of enjoying change in addition to the high aspirations that motivate them to contribute to the environment and society. Since its foundation, RENOVA has continued to change itself, including business domain change, by setting high goals, without changing its fundamental objective of improving the global environment through its business activities.

In this process, the company has proactively invested in projects. Each one of these projects might seem to involve high risks for the company at the time. However, it was deemed natural for the company to take a risk if it is necessary to develop and operate a project which will positively impact the environment and society. We boldly take risks by thorough preparation, including technological backgrounds in terms of engineering, meticulous project planning, and financial risk hedging, in addition to our aspirations and attitude. Our sustainable growth is supported by these activities.

The Renewable Energy Business, to which we are dedicated, is expected to grow in the medium to long term. Fortunately, it is going smoothly at present. For RENOVA, the growth of business involves not only the growth of its size but also changes in its domain and business category. This inevitably leads to changes in priority management issues and the roles played by individuals.

We have also made a big management decision. Specifically, we transferred a recycling business, which we had developed for more than ten years, to another company, hoping that it will grow and develop in a better way. We are not afraid of change. I believe this is related to the fact that a corporate culture of pursuing our ideal state and attaching importance to what is said rather than who says it has taken root. This unique characteristic of RENOVA has remained unchanged even while it has grown larger. Basically, the members of our management team and our employees are hungry for evolution and growth instead of resting content with the status quo. It is based on this corporate climate that we positively address changes in the business environment, regarding them as opportunities for growth.

Question 04 / 06 What did you think before joining RENOVA? What do you think now?

When I was job hunting, I was looking for a unique startup, partly because I desired to devote myself to making a small company bigger through work. When I was a university student, I worked for a venture firm operating a business targeting the personnel departments of growing companies. Thanks to this job, I knew of RENOVA, which was then known as Recycle One. I was sure that the environmental business domain would keep me motivated at my core. I saw the company’s excellent management team and employees participating energetically, which made me want to work with them.

After I joined the company, I was inspired by its people, who were more interesting than I had imagined. I automatically began to push forward with my work. I was in a difficult phase in some projects, but I believe I could attain extensive experience from them. I would talk about the future with my teammates until late at night, which I fondly remember.

Looking back those days now, I feel I am lucky to have found RENOVA when it was not well known.

Question 05 / 06 What is your future career plan?

RENOVA had its IPO on TSE Mothers and later changed its market listing to the First Section of the TSE. We are also implementing many business development projects, making our dream even bigger. When the company was listed, I felt strongly that the company was finally in full swing, rather than being stirred with emotion by the achievement of a particular goal.

To complete bigger jobs in the future, we need to be a company that is trusted and supported by many people, not to mention working seriously. Increasing our fans and supporters in the broad sense of the words is also an important mission of mine that I should fulfill through my work in Corporate Administration.

I am the type of person who feels comfortable with slow career advancement rather than one focused on upward mobility. Therefore, I do not have a great career plan that I can share with others. Among both the management of the company and the professional members in each field, there are many senior and junior comrades that I can learn from. I would like to be inspired by them daily as I achieve my missions.

Question 06 / 06 Could you give a message to the people who are interested in joining RENOVA?

I think that a company and its employees have an equal relationship. I think that being employed does not mean entrusting your life to someone. I think you start working when you enter into a contract with your company on an equal footing, based on simple agreements over how you can contribute to the company and what opportunities the company will give you.

When I joined RENOVA as a new graduate, its visibility was almost zero. No one around me knew the company. However, I personally felt that it had growth potential. After joining the company, I found it was filled with even more interesting elements and opportunities because it was not a company with an established business model or organization. We will continue to find many such opportunities.

I am looking forward to job applications from people seeking to develop suitable careers for themselves while working with teammates to make the company better.

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