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Biomass Engineering
Daisuke Yagi
Completed a degree in urban engineering at a graduate school of engineering and joined RENOVA in 2018
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Question 01 / 06 What is your current job?

I joined RENOVA as a new graduate, and now I am in my 6th year at the company. Since January of my first year, I have been stationed at the construction site of a biomass power plant in Fukuoka. My jobs here include supervising construction and acquiring permits and licenses. The catalyst for my desire to be stationed at the construction site was a ground survey for an offshore wind power project that I saw soon after I joined the company. In those days, I was working at the head office while also engaging in other work, including supervising construction. When I saw the people on the front lines conducting the ground survey in the extreme heat or harsh oceanic conditions, I felt strongly that the company’s businesses cannot be continued only by work in the head office. I also felt strongly that I must learn about field sites, regardless of what position I take in the future.

Although I was mentally prepared to be stationed on-site, I initially felt conflicted about my position. For the people working on site, I am from their client company. They therefore tried to be nice and polite to me. However, I was actually a newcomer with no knowledge. I thought that my presence was not essential for things to go smoothly on site. I asked myself what is the role I should play.

However, I worked every day to collect information, deepen my understanding, and establish my own opinions. More than anything, I tried to communicate with the people on site in a step-by-step manner. Thanks to these efforts, I gradually won their trust and became capable of grasping the situation of the site. Recently, they sometimes tell me that they are able to communicate smoothly with RENOVA thanks to me. I feel that I am growing more useful, little by little. More than anything, I can acquire reliable knowledge as an engineer by going around the site and being involved in construction on a daily basis. It will take a while before the plant begins operating, however, I imagine that when the plant is completed, I will really feel happy that I worked hard.

Question 02 / 06 What do you value?

I value two things. One is to have my own opinions and views. The other is to keep things simple if I am unsure of what to do.

At the biomass power plant construction site, my job is to proceed with construction as scheduled and lead the project to the commencement of operation. The job involves a wide range of tasks, and many of them are new to me. I also face unexpected situations from time to time. Therefore, I communicate daily with people from the construction company working on site to have a correct understanding of the situation. I report to the company as appropriate. It is sometimes also necessary to report to a public office or a financial institution. I sometimes wonder what decision to make, but I keep two points in mind, having my own opinions and always keep it simple, instead of thinking that I have no idea because I have never experienced something before. I believe that working in this way will help me develop myself. This is how I work daily.

Question 03 / 06 What are the good points of RENOVA?

A good point is that the company has a very forward-looking atmosphere. If there is a problem, we work to solve it. I feel that we often have forward-looking discussions looking for better ways of doing what we are doing now. RENOVA also has an open atmosphere. The company has a climate of accepting each employee’s opinions and desires. I was stationed at this construction site because I asked my superior for the assignment. I was in my first year at the company as a new graduate. Of course, I had never experienced working at a construction site. It was therefore unknown what contribution I could make. However, my superior understood my thinking and gave approval. Even the opinion of a new graduate in their first year at the company is accepted if they have enthusiasm and an appropriate reason. That is the sort of corporate culture at RENOVA.

Question 04 / 06 What did you think before joining RENOVA? What do you think now?

At graduate school, I studied environmental engineering, in which I had been interested. When I was job hunting, I looked for a company where I could take advantage of my major and interest. This is how I encountered RENOVA. Initially, I was not highly motivated to work for the company because I wanted to work for a major company. However, I was attracted to the business of RENOVA, which specializes in renewable energy. I was also attracted to its employees, who were talking about their company with vigor and enthusiasm. This is why I ended up deciding to join RENOVA. Having joined the company, I feel that I am contributing to solving the climate change problem through my work while being surrounded by respectable senior teammates. I am happy that I joined RENOVA.

Question 05 / 06 What is your future career plan?

I am still considering my future. However, what I want to do first is to develop extensive experience in the different phases from development to operation of various energy sources. At present, I am involved in the construction phase of a biomass power plant, but I also want to be actively involved in its maintenance and management after it begins operating. Because we are an operator in the power generation businesses, we are obligated to ensure stable power generation. I believe that the experience of handling issues in this process will be useful in new development projects.

In the future, I want to gain detailed knowledge of machinery and electricity, which is essential for building power plants, in addition to my knowledge in civil engineering, my major. I hope that, by taking advantage of this knowledge, I can venture into floating wind power plants, which are said to be the key to large-scale power generation from renewable energy.

Many of the projects that RENOVA intends to work on are technically challenging and require knowledge and experience. I want to build myself into an engineer with reliable expertise and experience, which will enable me to play a leading role in the power plant business in the future. I greatly appreciate that the team members of Engineering, who have a wealth of experience and skills, think about my career together with me.

Question 06 / 06 Could you give a message to the people who are interested in joining RENOVA?

I would be happy if I am able to work with people who are interested in environmental issues, have their own opinions, even about things they have never experienced before, and are willing to attempt many things. I think you will find your job worthwhile because you can attempt many things in the domain of the renewable energy business, which is essential for supporting future generations. When you select a company to work for, it can be difficult to make a decision with all the factors involved. I think that you can be confident about your choice if you continue to think and act until you find an answer that is satisfactory for you.

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