Reihoku Onshore Wind

Dec 18th, 2020

Illumination lights were donated to the Shimoda Kita area of Amakusa City and the Fukuregi area!

●the Shimoda Kita area of Amakusa City


●the Fukuregi area of Amakusa City


Christmas illuminations were displayed in the Shimodakita and Fukuregi districts of Amakusa City.

We donated illumination tube lights, and our employees also participated in the decorating with the local residents.
Amakusa is a town with a deep knowledge of Christmas as a “Sanctuary of Santa Claus” and host of the “World Santa Claus Conference”, and it is bustling every year.
Illuminations displayed by the locals will brighten up the town.
The illumination lights will also be donated and displayed in the Tororo district of Reihoku Town.

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