Karumai West Solar

Oct 18th, 2021

We participated in “Discover Karumai Learning”!



【Annotation】 40W solar panel and storage battery


On September 29, Renova staff participated in “Discover Karumai”, a comprehensive study time at Karumai Junior High School, as a lecturer for renewable energy learning.
“Discover Karumai” is a learning program of Karumai Junior High School that deepens the understanding of the history, culture, nature, etc. of the region, inspires students to become future leaders in their hometowns, and fosters students who are proud of their region.
This time, 49 students from Karumai Junior High School visited Millet Park Solar Hall.
In order to introduce solar power generation, we demonstrated how to connect a 40W solar panel (* photo) to a storage battery to store electricity.
The students commented, “I have learned a lot about solar power generation.”

SDGs Karumai West Solar PV In Operation