Karumai Sonbou Solar

Oct 30th, 2020

Aiming to complete panel installation in December

・Installation of panels and pedestals laid on a vast land of 113.9ha (about 24 Tokyo Domes)


・Safely removing the beehive on the back of the solar panel.


At Karumai Sonbou Solar Power Plant, which started solar panel installation work in November 2019, the panel installation rate has reached 65% (as of the end of September). Aiming for an installation rate of 100% in December, installation work is being carried out by about 140 workers every day. This year, we also worked to protect the bees, which became active due to the record heat wave, and to remove the nests on the back of the solar panels. The facility will begin generating power in July 2021 and the full operation is scheduled to start in October.


Karumai Sonbou Solar PV Under Construction