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Wanted Multi-Field Engineers

Technology has made the impossible possible.
It has created new things never seen before.
It has enriched our lives, solving the problems faced by many people.

You probably became an engineer because you believe in the power of technology.

There are still many things that you have never seen.
The world still faces many problems that have yet to be solved.
The world still needs the power of technology.

Solving the world’s problems by providing renewable energy to society,
and thereby enriching people’s lives -- this is what we aspire to do at RENOVA.

No one has yet walked that path, so the goal has yet to be found.
Of course, there is no model answer.
RENOVA moves in the vanguard, looking several steps ahead and developing the industry.

We seek tough engineers.
Engineers who can think outside the box and venture into new domains.

RENOVA takes on challenges.
We seek Multi-Field Engineers.


Message from the CTO

RENOVA looks several steps ahead to lead engineering in the vanguard of renewable energy, a new domain.
RENOVA’s group of Multi-Field Engineers have high aspirations, and intend to develop this industry.



RENOVA’s business opens the future

The renewable power plants developed by RENOVA utilize diverse energy sources, including biomass, wind power, and geothermal power, in addition to solar PV power.



Engineers wanted by RENOVA

Three abilities for opening up the unknown world are necessary to advance renewable energy projects.



Taking on challenges together

RENOVA’s Multi-Field Engineers act multilaterally, beyond their specialized areas, with the aim of advancing renewable energy projects. We share the enthusiasm to open the future by overcoming challenges together.