Corporate Philosophy

RENOVA's Guiding Principles

  • Our Mission
    To create green and sustainable energy systems for a better world
  • Our Vision
    To become Asia’s renewable energy leader
  • Our Commitments
    The Earth:
    To contribute towards a sustainable society and planet
    To create value in partnership with local communities, and respect their heritage and cultures
    To generate clean and efficient energy for our customers
    To generate sustained growth in shareholder value
    To gather the best people, and provide exciting career and growth opportunities for our employees

Our Company Name

The meaning of RENOVA

“RENOVA” is derived from the Latin word “renovare”, which means to “renew”, a key pillar of our corporate philosophy.

The RENOVA logo

Our logo represents a sustainable society. The “O” with its blue outward facing wings embodies the sun, a turbine, and the cycle of sustainability and renewal. We selected blue as our corporate color to signify the sustainable world that we seek to create through our business.